Pay Per Call Advertising

Deliver more targeted leads to your business and increase your conversion rates by 50%.

Performance Marketing

Pay Per Call Advertising or Performance Marketing is where clients only pay for live lead generation on a “performance” basis. Direct response advertising provides lead generation that allows our clients to communicate straight to their target audience. Our television ads air nationally and locally across multiple media avenues -- television, video advertising and interactive consumer websites -- to directly reach our target audience. The advertiser only pays for the number of calls received in response to the commercials and infomercials.

Pay per call has become the preferred marketing method in today's competitive environment. Otherwise known as "performance marketing", pay-per-call removes the risk of traditional advertising by allowing companies to simply pay for live inbound calls received directly from the viewed commercials.

  • Risk Free - clients only pay for actual, tracked calls received
  • Milky Way Media provides full service, exclusive call campaigns
  • Independent, third-party reporting on campaign performance 
  • When the pay-per-call campaign runs, our clients immediately start receiving calls from motivated prospects
  • Our clients notice right away that callers are mentioning what they've seen in the commercials/infomercials, thereby confirming that we aren't “mixing in” cheaper lead sources

Our Pay-Per-Call strategies make sure that your ads are seen by relevant audiences so that the leads that call are already looking for products or services just like yours. Pay-Per-Call uses unique trackable phone numbers to send qualified calls to you. As with any type of performance based marketing, you get the exposure regardless but only pay for the tangible leads that call in.

Pay Per Call marketing delivers the power of performance through every marketing channel you have with a complete solution that includes:

  • Pay-Per-Call
  • Click-to-Call
  • Call Analytics
  • Search Keyword Call Services

Pay Per Call marketing is all about driving more revenue to your business through high-quality calls. Read about theresults real advertisers and publishers are seeing with call performance marketing.

  • 30-50% average conversion rates.
  • 5-30% uplift in click-through rates.
  • Average order values 2x of online orders.
  • Easy to get started — Contact Us and launch a campaign in less than 30 minutes.

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